Welcome to Stickylips

the brand that takes consumption to a new level and gives the smoking game a stylish touch!

We are a young and dynamic team of creative and smoky minds who have come together on the beautiful island of Koh Phangan to shape the future of indulgence.
Our team is constantly working on developing special innovations and bringing them to market. We have bundled and upgraded our production know-how and expertise in Germany in order to meet our high standards and standards and to provide users with the best possible results.

The mission is to offer innovative and high-quality products that take the consumption experience to a new level. Our activated carbon filters are the result of precision and dedication. Through extensive research and with the help of numerous rounds of testing, we have created filters that effectively reduce pollutants while preserving the aroma and taste of the plant and leaving it unadulterated.

Our designs are inspired by the relaxed atmosphere of Koh Phangan and the vibrant culture of Berlin. We not only offer functional products, but also create visually impressive accessories for smoke fans, because it is important to us to focus on style as well as quality. Our colorful and diverse motifs are a real eye-catcher and make the hearts of art lovers and style nerds beat faster.

Part of our corporate philosophy is to have a positive impact on the world. With our "Love and Peace" special edition, we not only want to make a statement and look good doing it, but also support families affected by the war in Ukraine.

We are proud to bring our innovative products to the world and take the smoking experience to a new level.

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